The Heart and the Human Mind

After starting my journey into devotion, thegreatermind the most common expressions I heard were, “Follow your heart” and “Listen to your heart, not your mind.” I knew that in spiritual circles, the heart had long been considered the energy center from which feelings of love emanated. While my friends kept insisting that love grows through the practice of meditation, I instinctively knew that a greater understanding of God was my path to loving more deeply.

Meditation is generally considered to be a technique for opening the heart to spirit, Marin property management yet the spirituality I witnessed in the meditating community in which I lived was not the vibrant and selfless spirituality that I truly desired. After years of meditation and deep subjective experiences, my connection to God remained impersonal and lacked devotion. Likewise, my relationships with others were friendly but guarded and often judgmental. I even found myself indulging in an “enlightened” self-image, zenlinks the shadow of spiritual ego.

It wasn’t until I allowed my mind locallistingz to explore the personality of God through the cosmic lens of epochal revelation that I began to feel spiritual humility and sense a change in the quality and depth of my love for others. Reconciling these experiences with news from the emerging science of neurocardiology served to deepen my understanding of the subtle ties between the mind, heart, and spirit.

While the mind is “[t]he thinking, perceiving, and feeling mechanism of the human organism,” scientists are offering new insight into the intimate connection between the heart and the brain. According to J. Andrew Armour, author of Neurocardiology: Anatomical and Functional Principles, socialdir “Groundbreaking research in the field of neurocardiology has established that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated information encoding and processing center, with an extensive intrinsic nervous system sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a ‘heart brain.'” In fact, “… about sixty to sixty-five percent of all the cells in the heart are neural cells which are precisely the same as in the brain, functioning in precisely the same way, monitoring and maintaining control of the entire mind/brain/body physical process as well as direct unmediated connections between the heart and the emotional, cognitive structures of the brain.” (“Waking Up to the Holographic Heart: Starting Over with Education,” Wild Duck Review, May 20, 1998).

Humans were created and wired to know God and experience his love. The heart is where we “feel” love, biigo and the mind is where the Indwelling Spirit fosters the love of God and individualizes the Father’s love in each human soul. It is through the mind that we can know and love God and know and love our neighbors. Through the cultivation of universal intelligence and the application of those associated insights in our daily lives, we can experience the full and undiminished impact of the Father’s love in our hearts.

The quality of our experience of the Father’s love is always varied and unlimited. And though we can share human affection without developing our consciousness, wikidirectori that affection remains conditional, selective, and incomplete; it pales in comparison to the human reflection of divine and enduring love. The quantity of the Father’s love that we experience is precisely measured by our spiritual receptivity and capacity to return the love of our Father. The more we know and love God as our Father, the better we can understand and live the familial relationship that we share with each human being. When we act with love toward our fellow humans, the Father’s love becomes increasingly reflected in our experience, and that love is replete, compassionate, trusting, reverent, and unconditional.

The mind is the key to attaining new and higher spiritual meanings and values and to expressing and experiencing greater love in our hearts. The cultivation of universal intelligence forges the gap between basic human affection and living agape love. According to epochal revelation, “While the mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature, it is indeed the gateway thereto.” For more info please visit here:-


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